ioSafe specializes in making disaster protection hard drives and have successfully built a black box called N2. The N2 is a special external storage RAID device which takes the advantage of local storage and cloud storage. There are 2 hard drives inside, if one of them were to crash the other would have your data sound and safe. It creates a personal cloud from local access and comes with either USB 3.0 or FireWire 800.

Some of the Pros and cons in Local storage and Cloud storage:

Local Storage

  • Pro: You control all of your data.
  • Pro: Fast access over your local network or a direct connection.
  • Pro: Need more storage? Simply buy bigger drives.
  • Con: Anything that happens to your house happens to your data, whether it’s fire, flood, or theft.
  • Con: Remote accessibility can be tricky.

Cloud Storage

  • Pro: Protects your data from nearly everything except global thermonuclear war.
  • Pro: Your data is accessible from anywhere with Internet.
  • Con: Someone else has control of your data.
  • Con: It costs lots of money to store lots of stuff.
  • Con: Uploading and downloading is a pain in the butt.

The Hard disk has got some special features of it own when it comes to vulnerability.  The N2 can withstand fire temperatures up to 1,550 degrees for 30 minutes, can be drowned in 10 feet deep salt water for 72 hours and if some one tries  to steal it then it has got its own encryption tool or it could be bolted to the floor and secure the drives inside with a padlock.

For more technical information check out the picture below:

Some of the features N2 has:
  • Local and Remote File Sharing: Between virtually any device from any location online
  • Cloud Station: File syncing between multiple computers and N2 (like Dropbox)
  • iTunes Server
  • Surveillance Station: Video surveillance application
  • Media Server: Stream videos and music
  • Photo Sharing: Photo sharing with friends and family
  • Mail Server: Email server
  • VPN Server: Manage Virtual Private Network
  • Download Station: Post files for others to download
  • Audio Station: Stream audio to smartphone (iOS/Android)
  • FTP Server: Remote file transfers
  • Multi-platform compatibility with Mac/PC/MS Server/Linux
After years of losing your precious pictures and other personal data one would say that ioSafe N2 is defiantly the choice for you. The N2 is scheduled for January 2013 with a retail price of $599.99 for the diskless version.
Source: dvice
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