Intel says, 10 long years down the line you can expect an average smartphone running on a 48 core processor. Right now Quad core chips are the fastest processor you can find on a smartphone. Intel has big plans in the future for tablets and smartphone, making use of all 48 cores working in parallel, enabling features and applications that would be impossible today.

The problem having  many cores running is that there are not many applications that utilize all the available cores processors, the tricky part is writing operating systems and software that can actually utilize all of those cores at once. Even today you will find that in a eight core processors, only 6 cores are barely used at once.

[box_light]As one analyst speculates: “Five to 10 years is somewhat of an eternity in technology time. If we’re going to have this technology in five to 10 years, [the smartphone] won’t have just one camera. It would have two to three cameras that are always on. It could build a three-dimensional map of what it’s looking at and do object recognition. You could finally do things that take way too much processing power today.”[/box_light]

Intel expects that people in 10 years will figure out how to enable all the cores to work together and do thinks never imaginable. With processor getting more and more powerful we are able to develop bigger and better applications to support our complex lives and living, easy.

Source: dvice