Inside Facebook's Forest City Data Center geektech

Have you ever thought or imagined, where all your Facebook pictures and videos or for that mater where your whole profile stored? Facebook has got its own data center, a quarter-mile-long, 350,000-square-foot building in Forest city, North Carolina. No mater where you are in the world, your data gets stored in Facebook’s Forest City data center and every picture that has been uploaded ends up in that server.

The Forest City Data Center has got over 100,000 servers using enough, to maybe power about 1,000 homes. The data center has also also got a 14 tractor trailer-sized diesel generators to power the servers and to protect the data center from power failure resulting in loss of information or the Facebook page crashing. Facebook is also building another data center right across the current data center site to coup up with the amount of data that has been generated by over 1 billion users.

[box_light]The cooling system we’ve designed for our data centers (we use 100% outdoor air instead of mechanical chillers) faced a a real test at our Forest City, NC, facility this summer — one of the hottest summers ever recorded in the US. [/box_light]

Inside Facebook's Forest City Data Center  geektech

Inside Facebook's Forest City Data Center  geektech

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Source: wcnc