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Popularity of Tablets is on the rise in today’s market. The bigger view, better quality graphics, easy to use touch screen, incredible storage memory and internet access has made Tablets instantly the most comfortable portable device. However, it was lagging behind only in one aspect in comparison to the Smartphones, its calling inability. The tablets manufacturers realized this and have come up with super cool calling tablets aka phablets at the competitive costs of a high end mobile phone.

Bigger is better
Tablets come in all various shapes and sizes with huge screen to give a better viewing experience to the end users. Popular electronics companies such as Samsung has come up with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which has 7 inch WSVGA touch screen giving the resolution of 1280 X 800 pixels to the end user. HCL Me Y1 offers 7 inch multi touch capacitive screen with 800 x 480 pixels resolution while BSNL has also entered the market with their Penta T-PAD-WS802C 2G calling tablet that has 8 inch LCD multi touch screen with the resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The tablets market has witnessed high end devices coming from new manufacturers like Zync, Byond, Ambrane, Swipe, Mitashi, Devante and many more.

Light is Delight
The tablet manufacturers have specially kept in mind the weight of their devices while producing it. All the tablets in the market are light and easy to carry which adds to the delight of the consumers. The tablets with calling facility usually weight around anything between 350 grams up to 450 grams.

Lightning Fast and Better Storage
Tablets with calling facility aka phablets have sturdy in built processors that are highly powerful and can perform tasks snappily. Also, most of these calling tabs are built on popular OS platform such as Android which lends the user with better browsing and performance of the device. Most of the popular calling tablets manufacturers like Samsung, HCL, Zync, Ambrane, Swipe and others are built on Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Android Jelly Bean.

The calling tablets have incredible memory space of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and so on and so forth. With so much of space in the phablet, it is like carrying your pc everywhere with you.

Tablets with Calling Facility
Tablets now come with calling facility that is at par with the mobile phones in terms of calling too. Top notch companies such as Samsung, HCL, Zync etc have put 2G and 3G calling tablets in the market making them the most wanted portable electronics by the consumers. Even BSNL the most widely used telecom service provider has also stepped into the market with the calling tablet Penta. This calling tablet by BSNL has a 2G SIM card slot for making calls all across the world. To one’s surprise, the calling tablets now come with Dual SIM slots as well.

With the size of SmartPhones increasing to 5.5 inches, the tablets are no longer too big to carry for calling. In fact, it gives better viewing, browsing and now even calling experience. It seems that the mobile phone market will soon come crashing down as the popularity of the calling tablets rises. Infibeam, one of the popular online shopping sites is showcasing all kinds of tablets with calling facility under one roof.