Indian OS

Cyber security has turned out to be a major concern in Indian cyber space. To tackle this issue the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) along with other premier institutes is developing India’s own operating system (OS).

DRDO Director-General said:

“One of the major elements of cyber security is having our own operating system because today we are dependent on all OS systems which are imported whether it is based on Windows, Linux which is likely to be having malicious worms/things and hence it is essential that we have our own OS,”

Around 150 highly technical engineers are working on creating this OS, dubbed as Indian OS. The program was started around one and a half years ago with a focus on cyber security that could be used by Indian organizations. The OS is believed to be ready in next 3 years.

V K Saraswat, DRDO chief said:

“It is our Indian effort…we are not having any foreign involvement in this,”

“Cyber security requires two elements of having our own hardware and our own software. Country needs to go in a big way in this regard.”

Source: economictimes