shoe that charges phones

Rajesh Adhikari, a class 12th Indian student for Nainital has created a shoe that charges a mobile phone as you walk. The innovative idea came when it snowed heavily in Nainital and many people, including Adhikari, had to suffer due to power shutdown in the city. This made him make a powerhouse out of a shoe that makes full use of the energy generated out of the footwear when a person walks.

Adhikari explained:

“When we raise our feet, the spring gets released and the dynamo starts revolving, which generates current. We can charge our mobile phones while we are walking,”

This young genius is now take his idea to a next step by working on a design that will make this shoe a wireless phone charger wherein the mobile phone will get charged just by walking with the phone in pocket. To add a bonus, this charger can also be used to light a bulb at home when there is no electricity only by installing a battery in the shoe.

Source: DNA