The Indian officials have said that India may have a short fall of computer specialists and is going to train 500,000 computer specialists over the next five years. Indian security agency says cyber warfare has emerged as the top threat to national security with the country’s systems subjected to frequent attacks from domestic saboteurs and foreign rivals.

[box_dark] “Despite having a reputation as an IT powerhouse, India faces a shortfall of around 500,000 such experts,” Data Security Council of India chief executive Kamlesh Bajaj said. “We have decided that we will train as many experts over the next five years.”

“We have to protect our systems both in government-critical infrastructure and important private sectors like banking and telecoms,” Bajaj said.

“Tangible steps will be taken, and a major investment is to be set aside for this purpose,” he said.[/box_dark]

Indian sites were attacked by Pakistan and China during the 2010 Commonwealth Games and also broken into the computers of leading Indian chief executives for confidential data. To protect national security and integrity, an Cyber Security Professionals of India will be set up for testing and auditing, also train police officials in cyber crime investigations.

Source: cyberwarzone