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A new report from SophosLabs says that India now is leading the spamming country in the world with Italy and America. One in every six junk messages that litter your e-mail inbox’s are coming from India.

[box_dark]Sophos’ Graham Cluley says:

The latest Dirty Dozen report suggests that a not insignificant number of PCs in India are harboring malware infections that turn PCs into spam-spitting zombie slaves, controlled by the cybercriminals who make money by punting junk emails to promote questionable goods, or simply use malicious spam to infect more computers. The authorities in India need to make IT security education a priority. One would be safe to assume that, if computer users in the country are being targeted in order to relay spam, they are likely victims of other online threats such as fraud.[/box_dark]

More than 16 percent of all junk e-mails now come from India, but it doesn’t mean they all come directly from India’s computers, or to rather say the computers in India are “ill-protected machines” that “have been turned into spam-spitting zombies in botnets.” So the people who are creating the spam probably originated some where else.

Only 10.2 percent of the Indian population has Internet accessibility. Only 5.3 percent of the world’s Internet users are from India and the third most connected country after US and China. Other spamming countries know for spamming are Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. There seems to be no end for spams and malware as them seem to be multiplying at a faster pace now then in the last four years.

Source: cnet