The concept of immortality always amused human mind. Is it actually possible to be immortal? Some scientists are saying that immortality might be just around the corner. And the best part is it might even be a possibility for people living today.

We are not sure how this works but the possibility could be finding a way for the cells to stop aging or replacing the organs with a new ones.


Bill Andrews, molecular geneticist, has discovered a supplement that he believes will reprogram cells. De Grey, a scientist at Cambridge University, isolated an enzyme in bacteria that seems to keep them from getting clogged up with the gunk that eventually suffocates them.

If the research is implemented successfully may be we can leave forever.

Andrew says:

“The literature is, I would say, 95 percent certain or better that if we can find ways to lengthen the telomeres, we are going to reverse aging,”

Source: msn