robot can read mind

Rajiv Khosla, an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and professor at Australia’s La Trobe University designed a robot that can walk, talk, sing, read the news, tell the weather, go Internet shopping and even read human feelings! Yes, you read it right. The robot can also read human feelings. The robot is named Charles or Charlie.

The robot is approximately 20 cm tall and weighs 6.5 Kg. It is built to help people with problems like dementia, autism, brain injury and other illness. So you may wonder how does this robot work? Well, the robot can perceive a person’s needs through their moods and facial expressions.

Khosla said at a demonstration:

“A child with dementia will often forget to wash his hands in the washroom. The robot will constantly have his eyes on him and remind him that he hasn’t washed his hands and that he needs to do it,”

The communication with the robots can be done through voice commands, tablets, touch pads and even using facial expressions. The robots are able to detect a person feelings and accordingly personalizes its services.

Khosla said:

“These robots are multi—lingual and can be personalised based on the language, culture and lifestyle of their human partners,”

“Once the emotional status is established, then the learning starts for both the robot as well as the human being.

It can be used by all age groups to take therapeutic effects and positive stimulus,”

Source: The Hindu