Last week HTC had posted an event in its Facebook page, inviting its fans in London on Thursday, September 1 to get a sneak-peek of its coming new models from the company . Its been rumored that HTC is working on focusing on a few of the Android models and might be planning to reveal . The company often holds fan meetups in different cities around the world to give customers a chance to check out its current portfolio of devices and to sometimes showcase some of its upcoming products, and it looks like we’ll get both this time around.

The Invite starts with this, “It’s been a while since we last met, so we thought that we’d invite you to come party–and most importantly see what’s next.” 

Its been rumored that HTC plans to unveil several upcoming Windows Phone Mango devices at the company’s upcoming event taking place on September 1st. Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone OS, Mango, will be the star of the show this time around.

HTC will specifically be unveiling the HTC Eternity and the HTC Omega, both which is running on Mango.

This rumor about HTC’s event describes the Eternity with 3.7-inch display headed to AT&T, and the Omega as a 4.5-inch model that is headed to T-Mobile USA. Prior to this, we were expecting to see a huge 4.7-inch Eternity and a 3.8-inch Omega. 

We don’t have exact launch dates at the moment, but  its been told that we’ll hear about a release date is soon.