HP has launched the TouchSmart 620-1080 3D , which is an upgraded version of the HP TouchSmart 610. This product is the follow up of HP’s well know TouchSmart series , which is a All in one PC lineup. The TouchSmart 620-1080 3D has a 23-inch 3D display that can be swiveled up 180 degrees and and can be reclined upto 60 degrees. It houses a built in 3D webcam, integrated Beats Audio Technology,dual or quad core Intel processor and AMD Radeon HD 6670A discrete graphics processor.

HP has been following the latest trend of 3D in the consumer electronics industry, and has promoted the 3D experience in their TouchSmart series. The product also features  TriDef Ignition Game Player for enhancing the 3D gaming experience. Users can also convert any 2D picture into 3D at the click of a button.

Another cool feature is the HP LinkUp software which lets you wirelessly access access content from any Wireless device from the TouchSmart. The TouchSmarts 5.0 interface helps you to easily navigate and experience Windows and HP applications. The TouchSmart 3D will be available on November 15 for a price of $1,899.99

Source: UberGizmo