HP today announced its private beta program of HP Cloud Services. This early access is made available so you can test, experience and provide input on our two initial cloud services: HP Cloud Compute and HP Cloud Object Storage.

Both offerings are based on HP’s world class hardware and software with key elements of HP Converged Infrastructure and HP Software combined with a developer friendly, integration of OpenStack™ through our easy to use, web-based User Interface (UI) along with open, RESTful APIs.

The first two offerings in HP’s private beta are compute and storage infrastructure-as-a-service offered as pay-as-you-go services that can be up and running within minutes.

  • HP Cloud Compute allows you to deploy compute instances on-demand.  It lets you customize your instances to handle your unique workloads and add new instances to quickly scale.
  • HP Cloud Object Storage provides you with scalable online storage capacity on-demand.  Object storage is ideal for archiving and backing up data, serving static content for web applications, and storing large public or private data sets, such as online files and media.

If you want to find out what happens when the cloud meets one of the most recognized names in technology, HP invites you to sign up for the HP Cloud Services free private beta to develop, test and run your applications. To register, simply visit www.hpcloud.com.


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