How to Protect USB drive with password
How to Protect USB drive with password

Nowadays usage of pen drive has become very less after the technology has increased.Mobile phones do the job now and then for any transfer of data. Even though mobiles are there pen drives help to carry large data in a secure way from one device to another.The advantage of pen drive is data can be sent to the system easily.

For the users who doesn’t have an option Bit Locker they can go with the following software

Rohos Mini Drive
To protect your files from others you can choose the Rohos mini Drive as the best option.Rohos makes a hidden password protection against your USB and allows to send all files.The drive particular letter will be automatically generated At this point when the drive creation is finished you can see drive containing document name”Rohos Mini Drive”which permits you to open your ensured records by entering a password on any PC even Rohos not introduced on the PC without admin rights.
==>Open up the encrypted file without any Admin rights
==>Perform file virtualization

USB Flash Security
Now this flash security which is another tool to utilize USB password ensured device that bolts your USB within a moment.Your drive is secured with AES encryption calculation and your information will consequently scramble while you exchange documents from PC to USB.Subsequent to opening glimmer drive on the PC the greater part of your information naturally decode and once you unplug the USB it will consequently scramble.Auto Lock is enabled.

USB Security
Not only the pen drive you can ensure any outside drive with USB secure.It is an honor winning device,yet not free but you can utilize it until the trial version can choose particular files for protecting.