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Every year, the gaming public waits with bated breath for those few core titles that will revolutionise the entire industry. The constantly evolving world of computer games is one of the rare industries that are keeping up with the evolution of digital hardware. Graphics quality, three dimensional 360 degree viewpoints and artificial intelligence are in a continuous growth phase. This is thrilling for gamers who have money in the bank for those upcoming titles, but it also has the effect of dating older games at a rapid pace. Last decade’s Elder Scrolls pales in comparison to last year’s Skyrim, leaving avid players with an obvious strategy for keeping themselves in the game.

Second Hand Marketplaces

Those old games that you’ve already played are the ideal way to make some cash selling stuff online.

While some gamers are too impatient to wait for last year’s games, the internet has made room for a more long-suffering group of players who prefer the thriftier experience of second hand options. This particular niche of buyers is looking to buy recent offerings that are not quite off-the-shelf. For such clients, certain sites omit the complication and time involved in online auctions by enabling secure cash sales.

 Vintage Markets

Instant valuations of scanned items make it simple for inexperienced sellers to attach appropriate prices to their games. However, the vintage gaming world is pushing certain games far beyond what might appear to be a fair value. Certain gaming legends belonging to the past have gained massive price tags as retro gamers push up demand for some of the most revolutionary offerings of the last few decades. Nintendo’s arcade games and the first Atari consoles are the more obvious collectors’ items, but classic games such as the first Quake Arena, Resident Evil and limited edition Street Fighter III are also fetching prices lofty enough to pay for more than a few brand new games.

Some vintage systems have grown more rapidly than the DOW. Nintendo and Atari indices have spiked by up to 76% in the last three years. Since consoles have experienced a massive value thrust, these platforms’ game values have also risen steeply. If there were an investment fund for collectors’ games, they would be an excellent option to add to portfolios.

 The Post-Atari Market

The games that fall under the vintage console market are fetching lofty prices, but many that followed more recently have become rare enough to gain value. Sellers who investigate PC and Mac games that are not available for download will be able to settle at a fair price for their well-played contemporary games.

The first RPGs of the Nineties may be rare, but many are available for download online. This could diminish their value from one perspective, but another group of buyers is still willing to pay more for genuine boxed copies of these types of games. Since discs age easily when exposed to the elements, those that have been well cared for can fetch high prices, giving you the profits you need for your glossy new release.


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