Hitachi a Japanese giant Hi-tech company says that data can last few hundred million years or even forever. The company on Monday announced a new method of storing digital information on slivers of quartz glass that can endure extreme temperatures and hostile conditions without degrading, almost forever.

[box_dark]”The volume of data being created every day is exploding, but in terms of keeping it for later generations, we haven’t necessarily improved since the days we inscribed things on stones,” Hitachi researcher Kazuyoshi Torii said. “We believe data will survive unless this hard glass is broken”[/box_dark]

Data and information is being created every day and is growing in record levels, to store this data there are only CD’s, DVD’s and hard disks that only last for few years or not more than a decade. To retrieve lost information is either difficult or impossible.

Hitachi’s new technology stores data creating dots inside a thin sheet of quartz glass in binary form and can be read from a ordinary optical microscope. This will provide the computer know-how to understand that binary is available and will be simple enough to program no mater how advanced the computers grows, the data will always be readable.

Hitachi has already built a prototype storage device which is two centimeters square and two millimeters thick made out of quartz glass which is highly stable and resilient material, used for used to make beakers. The chip is waterproof, can survive natural calamities and also fire resilient temperatures high as 1,000 degree or (1,832 Fahrenheit) for 2 hours.

Currently the chip has 4 layers dots, each can hold 40 megabytes per square inch, roughly the density of a CD. The device is at its early stage of development and Hitachi said they could start with storage services for government agencies, museums.

Source: ndtv

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