Trouble having the perfect grip on your golf club? We at Geektech have got the answer for this dilemma . “SensoGlove” , a Hi-tech glove made up of multiple sensors which optimize your grip on the club by telling you what’s wrong with your grip. And you will be able to correct your next swing. In short its a Hi-Tech golfer’s glove.

This glove is the first of its kind. It constantly measures the pressure applied by each of your fingers and continuously gives you the feedback. This is due to the  onboard computer which analyzes and warns you if you are doing anything wrong through beeps and various visuals. There is a also a LCD display which gives you the pressure reading on each of your finger and tells you which finger is over or under-doing it.

The SensoGlove is available from Firebox for £49.99 per glove.

Source: GeekAlerts