The Facebook account and fan page of a well know Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh was hacked some time ago. This incident was learnt by two ethical hackers Himanshu Sharma (alias нα¢кєя)  and Parul Khanna , who got on the case.The hacker kept a low profile and wasn’t very active on two hacked accounts, which is not usually the norm. Hackers usually tend to make drastic changes to the hacked account pages which render them unidentifiable or post offensive or obscene content on it.

Harbhajan like any normal person would do, had contacted the police  for assistance, but the police could not do anything. He then decided to take the help of these two ethical hackers. But these are not just any normal  Ethical Hackers. Himanshu had mastered the skill of hacking by the age of 18 and is recognized by many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Himanshu has experience in retrieving celebrity fan pages. He helped the well-know Pakistani singer, Zaain Ul Abideen.


Parul Khanna is someone we from GeekTech community need know introduction about. We had the luck of interviewing Mr. Parul Khanna back in July 2011. He is considered as one of the most well know person in the field of Cyber security . He has conducted hundreds of ethical hacking workshops across India and has helped in solving many cyber crimes.

When these to experts teamed up, it did not take them a long time to crack it all down. They were able to retrieve the account within a mere 24 hours. All though considering their credentials, it is no easy task. When asked ” well, it was real tough job and contacting Facebook and Google support did not help at all. The hacker managed to disable every particular option for recovering the account. But after a few hours we were able to figure out our way into the accounts.”  According to the the duo, the hacker’s location has also been compromised and now steps are being taken to bust them.

The Hacker is suspected to have used the Yahoo account password reset features 0-day vulnerability bug, which was out some time ago. This gave the hacker an easy access to the account. The Duo stresses at the end that not all hackers out there are bad. Some are Ethical Hackers who are out there mainly for the reason to secure out cyberspace and see that offenders do not get too far.



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