Microsoft Corp has announced the official trailer for “Halo 4 – Forward Unto Dawn”. Halo 4 : Forward Unto Dawn consist of five episodes will be shown on October 5th 2012 at Machinima website. Halo 4 game will be launched on Nov 6 2012. The official “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” trailer is now available on Machinima Prime.

[box_dark]“Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” tells an exciting story of heroism and sacrifice on a scale never before seen in the “Halo” universe, taking fans back to the beginning of the human and Covenant war and leading into the events of “Halo 4.” Set against the backdrop of a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) military academy, a group of highborn cadets are training to be the next generation of soldiers in the UNSC’s ongoing war with insurrectionists in the outer colonial planets.

Among these cadets, Thomas Lasky struggles with his doubts about this war, and with the burden of expectations he may not be able to carry. As Lasky comes to terms with his potential as a military leader, the terrifying alien alliance known as the Covenant arrives and turns his world upside down. Inspired by the Master chief, he must decide what it means to be a hero.”[/box_dark]

Source: marketwatch

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