Hackers are targeting virtual currency Bitcoin, penetrating computers and swiping their digital wallets, according to computer security firm Symantec.Unknown hackers are reportedly targeting the digital wallets, sucking off all the cash from there.”We have seen a recent Trojan in the wild targeting Bitcoin wallets” in computers running various versions of Windows, Symantec’s Stephen Doherty said.The Trojan, according to reports, is believed to have just one motive – that of locating the user’s Bitcoin wallet (bitcoin wallet.datfile) and mail it to the hacker.

Bitcoins are digital currency that are accepted by a few online merchants. They can be traded at online currency exchanges such as Mtgox.com for real dollars.Symantec, in their blog post strongly recommended that the Bitcoin users encrypt their wallet, as also pick a very tricky password so as to keep their accounts safe. It was in this week only that a Bitcoin user, known as ‘allinvain’ (handle name) discovered that his Bitcoin wallet had been hacked, and he was poorer by $500,000.


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