Nuclear Plant Hacked

South Korea’s nuclear plant computer systems had undergo a security breach recently. Now the hackers who hacked into Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power computers have released the data on web and are threatening to release even more data if the agency didn’t shut down three reactors in the few days.

So far no link has been found between the Nuclear plant hack and the Sony Pictures hack.According to officials in the South Korean capital,Seoul, the data released by the hackers are non-sensitive indicating that the hack was of minor scale.

Personal details of 10,000 KHNP workers, designs and manuals for at least two reactors, electricity flow charts and estimates of radiation exposure among local residents were leaked due to the latest attacks. The leak appeared in a tweet of an anti-nuclear group based in Hawaii.

Chung Yang-ho, deputy energy minister, said:

“It’s our judgment that the control system is designed in such a way – there is no risk whatsoever,”

Source: theguardian