Young Pakistani hacker, dOcToR.ViRu$ (Rehan Haxor), has hacked into an Indonesian Bank account and now he has access to 262 million Indonesian rupiahs ( 29 400 US$ ). The bank which was hacked is kikbca. To prove the hack, the hacker has provided GeekTech with the following screenshot:


On an exclusive chat with the hacker, the hacker said that he did not find any vulnerability on the website but instead used remote administration tool for this hack. He said:

“I was targeting some other thing in the victims pc but by chance got this.”

The hacker also said that he does not know the owner of this bank account and also that the bank is not aware of this hack. When asked regarding the usage of this hacked money, the hacker said ” i will not use this money”.

Facebook profile link of the hacker: CLICK HERE