Google is welcoming hackers to hack their various internet based services and products. That’s right folks, this venture is apparently the Internet Giant’s way to cut down on hacking and reduce bugs and vulnerabilities. You can earn upto $20,000 for hacking any of the Google web services.

[box_dark]”In just over a year, the program paid out around $460,000 to roughly 200 individuals,” Google security team members Adam Mein and Michal Zalewski wrote in a blog post. “We’re confident beyond any doubt the program has made Google users safer.”[/box_dark]

The bugs and vulnerabilities however must qualify as a proper security risk and cash in accordingly. For SQL injection and other kinds of information disclosure bug you can get up around $10,000 and $3000 for XSS and XSRF type. Till date the highest payout by Google was $3,133.70 according to Forbes. However findind vulnerabilities in higher priority sevices like Google Wallet could lead to a much larger payout. Happy hacking!


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