GT Giveaway:Tt eSPORTS Black USB 2.0 Laser Gaming Mouse



Tt eSPORTS Black USB 2.0 Laser Gaming Mouse (Black)


Professional gaming requires high-speed gaming equipment. It’s the perfect tools that enable you to achieve you true potential. With the Black gaming mouse from the house of Tt esports, you can be sure that no matter what the gaming event, you will be on top. The Tt esports Black may seem like a simple mouse from the outside, but it has a ton of features inside. The laser mouse is designed for gamers who like nothing but the best. The mouse is compatible with a variety of operating systems like Windows 7 Vista or XP.


The Tt esports Black has a sleek and stylish look. The mouse is equipped with rubber coating that gives you superior grip, even during extended sessions of gaming. In fact, the whole concept behind building this mouse is to provide you with firm grip, no matter what game you are playing. The esports mouse has an anti-slip grip near the thumb rest, giving you additional grip to control game elements.

The Black mouse has a 1.8 m braided USB cable. The long cable makes it easy to move the mouse without getting it entangled. Built with Teflon feet, the mouse provides you smooth movement. The Tt esports mouse has 6 buttons in total. This includes the usual right- and left-click buttons along with an illuminated scroll wheel. 2 buttons are place just below the scroll wheel. 1 more button is placed on the left side of the mouse, just where you place your thumb.

The mouse has additional features that allow you to add or subtract weight from the mouse. This is helpful in FPS games where you have to keep your mouse rigid till you can nail the perfect shot. You can add up to 22.5 g of extra weight to mouse. The mouse has a dpi indicator and can be easily connected to a computer through an unused USB port. The Tt esports Black mouse has the dimensions of 70 X 40 X 20 mm.


The 4th button available on the left side of the mouse acts as a hotkey to access previous web pages when browsing. The mouse has a 4000 dpi laser engine that enables it to provide you with precision and accurate detail. Power fluctuations while playing your favourite games won’t be a bother with this mouse as it has a gold-plated USB connector.

Tt esports Black can be used on almost any surface, without any difficulty. The mouse comes with 64 KB of on-board memory that allows you to create 3 gaming profiles. This is helpful as you can set 3 different control arrangements for 3 different games, making it a versatile product.




Product Info/image credit: FlipKart