Corning, the makers of ‘Gorilla Glass’  which is used in smartphones and other devices has announced their new glass panel, the ‘Lotus Glass‘. This new product has been designed for OLED and LCD screens, mainly targeted toward mobile devices.

The Lotus Glass will provide a improved brighter and clearer display compared to the earlier Gorilla display panel. One of the main advantage of the Lotus Glass is that it remains rigid in high temperatures, the coefficient of thermal expansion from 0-300°C is a mere 33.9 x 10-7 per ° C. This property facilitates the mounting of components on the glass itself and results in high-performance displays.

According to Corning:

“Corning Lotus Glass has a high annealing point that delivers the thermal and dimensional stability our customers require to produce high-performance displays,” – “Because of its intrinsic stability, it can withstand the thermal cycles of customer processing better than conventional LCD glass substrates. This enables tighter design rules in advanced backplanes for higher resolution and faster response time.”

Source: RegHardware and GeekyGadgets