Tired of searching menu of the restaurant you want to eat from? Well, Google has once again come up with a solution. Now user can find complete menu of the restaurant at Google search.

The only thing the user needs to do is start their search with “show me the menu” followed by the restaurant name and the city name. Unfortunately the service is only available in the US as of now.

google show me the menu mobile

Google’s official Google Plus page posted:

Next time you’re planning a brunch or a date night, check to make sure the menu has something to satisfy everyone in your group, without having to browse through several restaurants’ websites. Just search Google to show you the menu for the eatery you’re considering and you can see it right on the top of your search page—complete with tabs for different parts of the menu (like appetizers, brunch or dinner) and, often, prices—before you make your reservation. Menus are available in the U.S. only for now. Bon appétit!
Source: Google (G+)
Image credit: Engadget
  • Agarwal

    This is very much needed. Great work by Google. Keep the innovation coming.