Google has announced Nexus Q, a social streaming media player to make home entertainment more sociable and interconnect Android devices. The Nexus Q is designed to compete with Apple TV and Boxee with the price of $299 a peace. With its most simple and distinctive appearance, Nexus Q is a small black orb, 4.6 inches in diameter and has LED lights that light up around the center of the device and changes light in time with the music. The Q could be used to steam YouTube videos, movies, add music to a playback queue and play it in the TV which would be be connected to the Nexus Q.

The Nexus Q connects devices through micro HDMI, NFC and Bluetooth and also supports Ethernet port, optical audio output, micro USB and banana jack speaker outputs. The volume controller is the top half of the orb that is controlled by grabbing and twisting the top half. The Q has computing capability as a standard Android smartphone and is designed to connect to the internet through wireless or Ethernet connector.

The Nexus Q is available for pre-order and will ship in mid-July.

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