The CEO of Google+ Larry Page insisted in a letter to investors on Thursday that Google+ not a ghost town. Google+ now has over 100 million active users.

In February Wall Street Journal called Google+ a “virtual ghost town”, data from research firm comScore Inc. shows that Google+ users are signing up, but are not dong much. The users are who use personal computer spent only 3 minutes a month on Google+ when compared six to seven hours on Facebook.

[box_dark]“Well over 100 million users are active on Google+,” Page said. “Activity on the Google+ Stream itself is increasing too. We’re excited about the tremendous speed with which some people have amassed over one million followers, as well as the depth of the discussions taking place among happy, passionate users — all evidence that we’re generating genuine engagement.”[/box_dark]

[box_dark]“It’s still early days, and we have a long way to go,” Page said. “But these are tremendously important changes, and with over 120 Google+ integrations to date (including Google Search, YouTube and Android), we are on the right track.”[/box_dark]

Source: venturebeat


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