Google has announced some new features to its Maps API. Google had announced the Styled Maps at Google I/O two years back which allowed you to customize the look of the map. Google has rolled out number of enhancement to its Styled Maps, Now Styled Map’s is more customizable. Now you can do many things like specify a precise color, saturation, gamma etc which gives it a new look.

Here’s the features from Thor Mitchell, Product Manager, Google Maps API explained clearly:

  • You can now specify a precise color for features as an RGB value in addition to the current adjustment filters for hue, saturation, lightness, and gamma.
  • You can now style the outline stroke of features separately from the interior fill, and the label text separately from any icon
  • You can now adjust the width of line features such as roads, rivers and also the width of feature outlines.

To know more visit Google’s developer community / Support channels and the Styling section of the Maps API documentation.