In an attempt to reign in online identities, Google Plus has started to roll out verified accounts.
The new feature aims to make users more comfortable including people in their friend groups, the company said.Similar to Twitter’s old “verified” badgets, Google+  now shows a gray verification badge with a checkmark next to a member’s name on his or her profile, as a mark that the person is genuine.In the preliminary stage google will verify only celebrities  and users who appear in a very large number of other users’ circles.A Google+ verified ID badge attests that Google has checked the identification of the account holder and that, as far as Google knows, that person really is who they say they are.
“Many celebrities and public figures are joining Google+, and if you’re like me, you want to be sure the person you’re adding to a circle is really who they claim to be,” said Wen-Ai Yu, a google spokesperson.Google+ is still not available for businesses, but the service is continuing to add new features that will be important for business users once the social network becomes available to the corporate world.

At present, Google is quiet about how, exactly, a user can get his or her account verified. Presumably the company is contacting qualified users directly. By the time the service rolls out to Google apps account and non-Google Apps businesses, the verification process will likely become fairly streamlined.


Source:  Washington post,The brain yard