Florian Rohrweck, Austrian blogger/developer who discovered unreleased Google+ features by exploring the source code, was hired by the Google says Rohrweck blog post. Rohrweck snooped on the code behind Google’s various web apps, during which time he uncovered pre-launch evidence of things like Google+ Games,Google Photos, Google+’s Shared Circles, Google Questions and many others that still haven’t been officially announced.

Rohrweck blog post says “has gone Google”:

“Or at least I will be have gone soon. Or something like that  I will post new articles again. Not so much about leaks but more about the dark arts of mastering Google products and APIs. Or something else. Time will tell!
Thanks to all of you, who supported me on my way and made my work so much fun and enjoyable! You guys are awesome!
Rock on!”

Rohrweck is expected to visit the Google headquarters in Munich next week.


  • That’s not just logic. That’s really ssenible.