One of the biggest problems most android users face is fragmentation. This is caused by the people using old versions of Android like Froyo who receive updates slower as compared to the newer Gingerbread users. This causes a significant difference in the feedback  throughout. But Google has now come up with a solution. It has announced that it will take over Motorola Mobility, Motorola’s mobile manufacturing division for 12.5 billion dollars.

That is each share at 40 dollars, which is a 63% premium over its last closing price. This move is mutually beneficial to both companies as getting latest updates for Android will be a cake walk from now on, which in effect will cause Motorola to be stronger competition in the Android market.


Source: UberGizmo and CNN tech

  • That is a huge investment! But I am sure Larry Page has done his homework and has cross checked before venturing into this exorbitant deal. The strategy followed will give the users a more android touch to deal with.

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