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The iPod may be a stellar product that has redefined the MP3 player industry, but there are several alternatives to the iPod. These alternatives are inexpensive niche products that promise some neat features and deliver a decent audio experience to users. Designed to be ultra-compact, these MP3 players can store your entire music collection and are an inexpensive investment. Here is a list of good MP3 players other than Apple iPod that can deliver a delightful listening experience.

Transcend MP870 8GB MP3 player

Transcend MP870 8GB MP3 player


If you are looking for a media player that can play your audio and video files with good sound quality, then the Transcend MP870 8GB MP3 player is a great choice. The 8GB in built memory can store thousands of songs and the player also has an expansion slot that allows the capacity to be extended up to 16GB. This MP3 player has a 2.4 inch TFT screen and it supports a wide variety of audio and video formats.  It has 11 preset equalizers with Bass Boost so that your music collection packs a punch. It also delivers a stunning 16 hours of playback time. This MP3 player has FM radio and high end recording feature. You can find the latest Transcend MP870 8 GB MP3 player price on Shoppingwish.

Mitashi EL2500 2GB MP3 Player


Mitashi EL2500 2GB MP3 Player


If you are looking for a decent MP3 player within a budget of Rs. 1000/-, then the Mitashi EL2500 2GB MP3 player can be just the device for you. This budget MP3 player features 2GB memory and can store approximately 500 songs in MP3 and WMA formats. Designed like a pen drive, this MP3 player is extremely light and can be carried around with ease. If paired with a decent set of headphones, this MP3 player can deliver a good audio experience. It can be easily charged through its USB based charging facility and promises 8 hours of playtime.

Zebronics Stem + Transcend 4GB memory card MP3 player:

Zebronics Stem + Transcend 4GB memory card MP3 player:The Zebronics Stem MP3 player is a compact and stylish budget music player with nifty features, promising great music to users. The MP3 player does not have an onboard memory but can accept Micro SD cards up to 16GB in size. This gives users complete freedom to get storage space as per their requirements. The device can also be used as a Pen drive and this allows users to transfer data between devices. The 5 button control makes the MP3 player easy to operate. It supports MP3 and WMA audio formats and delivers music with surround sound quality. The MP3 player guarantees approximate 4 to 5 hours of playback time on each recharge.

Vox BM-060 MP3 player + 4GB card

Vox BM-060 MP3 player

The Vox BM-060 MP3 player is a stylish cordless MP3 player with around-the-neck design developed to free users from problematic hassles of entangled cables. This budget offering has stereo speakers that deliver crystal clear sound. It comes with FM radio and supports memory card up to 8 GB. It has an in-ear earpiece which reduces external noise, enhancing the listening experience. The 120 mAh battery guarantees 4 to 5 hours of uninterrupted play time. Music aficionados stand to get a 4GB card along with the MP3 player for the price ensuring complete value for money.

Sony NWZ-A844 MP3 Player

 Sony NWZ-A844 MP3 Player

The Sony NWZ-A844 is a high end MP3 player with 8GB of in built memory supporting a wide variety of audio and video formats. This compact and stylish player has a superior 2.8 inch OLED display with 400 x 280 pixel resolution. The pre-defined equalizer setting, custom options, digital sound enhancement, clear stereo and bass and digital noise canceling features guarantees an unparalleled sound experience.

Phillips GoGear Raga 4GB MP3 Player

Phillips GoGear Raga 4GB MP3 Player

The Phillips GoGear Raga 4GB MP3 player is a compact player with facility of quick recharge in 6 minutes providing an hour’s worth of play time. The Phillips Fullsound technology enhances the listening experience with fuller bass and greater clarity. The player has FM radio and delivers 15 hours of playtime on complete recharge.

Sony NWZ-B173f MP3 player

 Sony NWZ-B173f MP3 player The Sony NWZ-B173F MP3 player is a 4GB player with a powerful audio output and Bass Boost option. The direct USB facilitates quick transfer of audio files and the ZAPPIN function provides a short preview of a track so that the user can skip tracks to locate the required song with ease. The equalizer preset options can be used in enhancing of tracks and the MP3 player can also be recharged in as little as 3 minutes to provide 90 minutes of playtime. With a complete recharge it delivers up to 18 hours of audio play.

Cowon iAudio E2 4GB MP3 Player

Cowon iAudio E2 4GB MP3 Player The Cowon iAudio E2 4GB MP3 player is an elegant and compactly designed player delivering exceptional audio quality. The MP3 player has 8 Jet Effect presets for audio enhancement and plays tracks in a variety of audio formats. The player also has a voice guide that can be used to browse as well as select from the presets. The MP3 player delivers excellent bass reproduction and detailed and sharp mids and highs.

Transcend MP330 8 GB MP3 Player

 Transcend MP330 8 GB MP3 PlayerThe Transcend MP330 MP3 player with 8GB memory is another compact and stylish player sporting a 1 inch display. The MP3 player has 7 preset equalizer settings and also comes with customizable settings. It has a voice recorder feature which makes this compact device ideal for recording songs on FM Radio or as a note-taker during lectures and for recording other events. The device guarantees 12 hours of music playback.

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