A company named EyeSight has recently come up with a new gesture based control system for Windows 8 operating system, it took quite sometime to develop and will all the the Windows 8 users to control with new ways. With this new method, you can use gestures to control windows,applications,media and the new Metro User Interface. All this is possible form a simple low-end 2D web camera.


[box_dark]“The Windows 8 user-interface has been designed beautifully for touch,” commented Gideon Shmuel, CEO, eyeSight Mobile Technologies, “and OEMs are now hungry for a simple-to-integrate, mass market answer to touch-free control. And as hardware-based solutions incur significant costs, time and real-estate issues, software is clearly the best way to achieve this.”[/box_dark]

For more information go to eyeSight website for details.


Source :GeekyGadgets

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