Parul Khanna is a 19 year old a free lance Cyber Security | Ethical Hacking Training Lecturer, a technogeek , a Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Consultant.He is Working With Various NGO’s and Assisting Various Multinational Security Companies/Organisations,Intelligence Bureau’s and Educational Institutes In Various Sectors Related to Computer Security and Ethical Hacking.

Experience :
Parul Has  conducted various  different training sessions across India, Hong Kong, Parts of South China Macau  and Across the globe  on various topics related to Cyber Security  and Mobile Hacking to an audience comprising of top level management, entrepreneurs, technical specialists, defense personnel and students.He has Trained 5000+  Tech Lovers and Security Professionals Internationally  by Professionals

He  has also worked as a Official Core Team Member for “HACKER5  MAGAZINE” India’s First & Asia’s Second  Magazine on Hacking and Cyber Security and also Worked and Contributed as Official Main Team for the Project UNITE HACKERS (INDIA) in association with Newsmakers Broadcasting Communication Pvt. Ltd.(Mumbai).

In Media :
He has  been interviewed by Various Newspapers ,Online News Channel’s Blogs and Communities Namely The Tribune, The Economic Times, The Times of India,  Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar Punjab Kesri ,The Prohack , The Silent Hacker , Indian Cyber Army , Yahoo News Since 2008.

 Current  Position:

  •     CTO  & President at Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society(Regd.)
  •     Director & Brand Ambassador at International Genesis Hackers Crew,USA
  •     General Secretary (Core Team) at Cyber Security & Anti Hacking Organisation (Regd.)
  •     Cyber Security Architect & IT Researcher at Secugnius Security Solutions

As far as studies is concerned he is pursuing Bachelors in Computer Applications from Apeejay College of Fine Arts,Jalandhar.

With the vision to create a more secure Internet and awareness on Cyber Crime in Society , Parul Founded a unique computer security Society i.e THIRD EYE ETHICAL HACKERS SOCIETY .(Regd)
Third Eye Comprises of Industry Certified Experts in the field of Ethical Hacking and Information Security From Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Ahemdabad and Hyderabad helping Police and Cyber Victims infiltrating into the issues related to Cyber Crime and get the Revelation Of Secrets..
Third Eye Official Web : http://thirdeyeethicalhackers.com/

Contact Details:

Email id: [email protected]

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/connectparul

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hackerparul

Websites :
Personal Website : www.parulkhanna.com
Personal Blog    : www.parulkhanna.info




GT: What is Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society?
Parul: Third Eye is an Govt Regd. NGO which provides awareness solutions to normal public,companies & students related to cyber security ,reverse engg & hacking . After Having interests in Cyber Securities & observing the lack of awareness amongst the common people & students & With the vision to create a more secure Internet and awareness on Cyber Crime in Society I took initiative to find out this Organisation in order to help protect people & make them aware of cyber crimes,techniques & methods used by malicious people to exploit the unaware generation of out country .We have expanded our domain and now we have started Professional Training Sessions Across the India.Since 2010 we have provided training workshops , 6 weeks trainings & Corporate trainings to many colleges,universities & Technical brands in India & Hong Kong .

GT:  Which and all companies or groups you are related with?
Although I am associated with many MN banks asi am working on back-end I cant disclose here the names .

GT: What is your opinion about cyber-war?
Parul: Cyber War now these days is mainly happening b/w india,Pakistan ,china & some crew’s from all parts of world. The Little crews & groups call themselves “The Patriots Hackers of nation”.The hackers who call themselves Patriots hackers are just doing such silly stunts for getting popularity & attention,That’s all game of becoming famous & getting fame.I ll just say one thing If they really want to be a good hacker then they should work for development and security. There is no need to get fame and money via wrong ways or hurting peoples intentions via hacking defacing or mass defacing general public or govt. websites. If they people will work without any mean, without harming others and do everything openly… Only then we can stop cyber terror & Cyber War

GT: What is your opinion about Anonymous and LulzSec? Do you support them?
Parul: No words for them . I do not support groups involved in such kind of activities & Protests done..

GT: Which has been your favorite hack so far?
Parul: There’s not an such favourite hack of mine but if talking about techniques its HPP HTTP PARAMETER POLUTION, Exploiting unexploitable XSS,UTMS Signal Sniffing , Bypassing HSDPA Severs. And many more

GT: Which is your favorite gadget?
Parul: Apple iPhone4 & iPAD2 . A Masterpiece .King of Gadgets. From Business to Entertainment you can have all In your hands . M an Apple Lover .

GT: Do you belong to any hacking group?
Parul: Nopes..

GT: Besides hacking what else are you interested in?
Parul: Besides Hacking Photography is the Thing I can’t Live without .Photography is my Passion .My Life is full of adventures & travel experiences in that case I love to click photographs of different beautiful locations,Scenes,Landscapes & Creatures. I have an huge photographic collection of my visits to hong kong,macau,china,Malaysia & Singapore.

GT:  At what age did he start hacking and what motivated you?
Parul: I remember the day when i was in my 10th standard and one of my social networking accounts got hacked. i was afraid and started searching all over the internet exploring all the search engines n etc and found many things although I was unable to find the culprit but i got that much interested in this field i choosed hacking as part of my life . I often tried alot of scripts,codes and applications at my school’s computer’s and amazed my friends and teachers .
2010, I Launched My Own NGO Third Eye Ethical Hackers Society (Regd) and Started Campaigns and Workshops on upper level went to many of Colleges,Schools Corporate and Created as more awareness about the education of hacking about the art of hacking , although i also received many Cyber Crime cases related to Bank Fraud .
I was able to trace the person with its details and source how he hacked into but after some days i received some threatening calls related to the case..

GT: For our viewers who are not familiar with “Ethical Hacking”, how would you describe it?
Parul: According to me Hacking is an art & there is nothing unethical in doing Hacking. Ethical hacking is analogous to saying Ethical Rapist. however, Hacking is the passion to pursue anything with deepest dedication, its all about knowing computers as they are & beyond.
Its an in-depth art.
Everythinghas its 2 sides an good & a bad .It Depends on a person how he/she is taking it
Hacking is not moral/immoral legal/illegal it’s the person who is ..
I ll just say If somebody has a little knowledge about hacking & securities .he/she should contribute apart of knowledge to the society for the betterment & development of the country.

GT: Your words for our viewers on how to keep themselves safe on Internet
Parul: It’s an old saying that “The only Safe Computer in the world is that which is buried 60 feets under the ground in an switch off state without an internet connection along with 4 body guards” .
For Playing Safe on Internet I will simply suggest beware of fake links(do not click on unknown links Ex:tinyurls, freehosts,money job offers )
use strong anti viruses , keep strong passwords (avoid including ur family names,aliases,mobile numbers,d.o.b and such personal things) as passwords.. Do not trust any stranger. Get updated your knowledge skills related to cyber securities & hacking.
Join good blogs & forums like GEEKTECH . To get yourself updated with extra knowledge.

GT: Your words/suggestion for GeekTech and its Team
Parul: Geek Tech is doing an wonderful job by providing all the knowledge,news,reviews ,tutorials related to hacking & cyber securities . Its beneficial for all of us . I wish Geek Tech Team Luck for the future & also appreciate the wonderful job they are doing .

Happy Hacking !


[quote]On behalf of GeekTech Team and Viewers, I would like to Thank Parul Khanna for spending his precious time for this Interview. We, GeekTech, would wish him and his team a very prosperous and brightful future.[/quote]

Few Article cuts from Leading Newspapers:

  • CoolHacker

    I admire you Parul. I want to be like you some day!

  • Rohith

    THIRD EYE ETHICAL HACKERS SOCIETY, the name sounds cool 😉

  • Vishal Jit

    wow nice method to increase your publicity.. oh baby, small boy leave that small of hacking tricks.. you cannot become to be a hacker… well in search out in Google there are some organizations and persons in india which are leading in the field of hacking and security but i have not seen your name in Google that you have done something in hacking except some kinds of tricks…heheh 🙂

    1)Kyrion Technologies and its members

    2)Ankit Fadia

    3)Sunny Vaghela

    4)Shaify Mehta

    5)Rahul Tyagi.

  • Vishal Jit

    uh..!! showing these pic doesnot mean he is a hacker warier.. as i m cyber reporter, have many pics with ankit fadia, Kryrion (admin) also. so it doesnot mean i m hacker too. heheh 🙂

    A hacker is incomplete without programming skills. only a programmer can be a good hacker. Parul doesnot developed even a single tool (hacking tool) in his lyf. by using cain and abel software all persons can start sniffing.

    the persons i listed above they are really appreciating persons…!!! hats off 🙂

  • Sandip Das

    Mr.Vishal Das First Of i ll mark u wrong here as u have listed above few personalities the so called ethical hackers . You are talking about Some Blogger Named Shaify Mehta & a Hacker named Rahul Tyagi ! A hacker is incomplete without programming skills. only a programmer can be a good hacker.LOLXXX…..

    Can u please describe here the so called programming’s done by the shaify mehta and rahul tyagi . can u describe an single tool developed by them …..haha ! noooo .
    Even they are trainers rahul tyagi is a trainer i have heard but they art developers .

    first go into market and know the meaning of an ethical hacker .

    second u have no rights to judge a person above listed but u can d experience as per i have read and works , i appreciate ankit & sunny & parul.

    third . The Author of Blog isn’t a fool to make money by listing fake materials .

    and the last “have u done a single percent of the people ur toking about .first look onto urself before judging ..people like u are jealous of achievers like above listed people .
    hahaha ! taking names of ankit sunny rahul n parul ! . lolxx!!!

  • Sandeep

    Hii Sandeep,

    you are wrong in the first question. you talked about Mr.Shaify. well he is a hot programmer and a echo hacker. he helped me just 1.5 years ago, my site was hacked, my website is on wordpress and i m loooking for some which help me and search very hardly in the google. atlast i come to website “shaify.co.cc”. this webiste contains hacking tricks,etc .i contact him.he replied me after 4 days and he gave me a tool.tool name was”Infud ER”. he gave me some instructions how to use. his tools rocks.. his software automatically finds 22 exploits. and recovered my website. but when the whole process completed the software automatically vanishes or deleted. i searched that software in the google but didnot find . and shaify refused to give me that again. but i when run that software first time i saw his name on the splash screen “Developed By Shaify”.

    i don’t know him very well but he helped me.so atlast i wanna to say he is hidden programmer and hacker. don’t wanna his publicity as he said when he helped me:) .

    2nd one :- you said to vishal “u have no rights to judge a person above listed but u can d experience as per i have read and works , i appreciate ankit & sunny & parul”. even i wanna to say that you have also no right to judge that shaify is programmer or not.. some persons doesnot like their publicity. and also don’t judge vishal that what vishal have done.

    sorry for ma bad english 🙂

    i am great fan of this website.i surf this website everybody .. keep going admin 🙂
    thnxxx 🙂

  • Sandeep

    Is shaify gave u programs or tools whatever u are sharing here .u hadnt any word wid fadia tyagi or khanna
    Without prior information . Lemme xplain u Parul has a vast experience in trainings n conductin sessions.
    Secondly RAHUL TYAGI & PARUL are TEAM Mates n partners in various iphone delopment works if u r havin any doubt u can ask rahul or parul rest
    So u r sharing experiences ur good experiences with shaify . I appreciate ur interest
    Now see wen parul’s students n fans will read dis post dey ll admire him d same way

    Lolxx rest advertising shaify hacker in comments of some persons post . Nyc u might be a huge fan of him .

  • Sandeep

    thnxx sandeep 😉

    yup, i m fan of Shaify Mehta and there are many of peoples in other countries. because he had very great experience. he started hacking and made his first program i.e “Yahoo Booter” during when he is in 8th class.

    well rest publicity hacker parul i havent know his name before this post. gud to know some tricky hacker lollxxxx.. keeping going parul 😛

  • Sahil

    Parul Khanna Rocksssss !!! I am his big fan

  • Sahil

    From VISHAL TO SANDEEP ur changing ur names very fast . Nice going fake identity VISHAL

  • Vishal Jit

    sorry sahil but i m not using fake identity i write the wrong name last time. its my mistake i m thinking that in the Name box “the name of person comes which we have to comment so i write sandeep”.

    think about other members which are using names sandip to sandeep .. LOLXXXX

    Small town hackers

  • Sandeep

    I dint wrote anywhere that m a hacker n i dn wnt to b
    M a tech freak just cnt accpt people pissingnout here n der !!!

  • Shruti Shah

    Parul sir you are the best trainer i have ever met…. and i want to tell Mr.Vishal Jit that u dont have any right to say anything about a person u dont know…. you havent attended any of the lecture of Mr. Parul Khanna so how can say all these things about him…..

    you should go and search on google again and if you still dont find anything about him then you should go to doctor for a check up cause you might be have some “eyesight problem….”

    you have many pics with Ankit fadia right…. so go and search about him on google

    ankit fadia attrition


    sunny vaghela attrition


    you come to know what kind of hackers they are huh….. i dont think ankit fadia is a hacker…..

  • hii all above ! stop pointing each oither parul is like my bro we work together .if any questions contact me directly rather being fighting with each other.

  • God Bless u bro . Let the strangers Speak ! just remember 1 thing . if you are doing well u will meet so many enmiez . god bless u and best of luck

    Rahul Tyagi

  • mohammed

    please i am in mumbai and ineed to hire hacker,,

    with regards

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