Vaidehi Sachin is a group editor of News makers broadcasting communication and also the publisher of afternoon voice, daily eveninger from mumbai. She is also the Owner and  Editor of India’s 1st hacking magzine- Hackers5. Vaidehi is award winning writer and investigative journalist. She and her Team are also coming up with News channel which will be on air on 26th Jan and this is the only channel so far which will have daily 3 hrs slot for hackers, to discuss the statues of this world.

Books, Wrote and Published:
Kurukshetra , Bhartayan, Sheriff of Mumbai, Slavery of Small Hands, The Abused , Hidutva v/s. Buddism, Crazy Scribe, Cyber terror.

Awards Vaidehi received:
Pratibha Sanman Award– Bhartiya Samaj Vikas Academy, Best NGO– Maharashtra Human Rights Commission, Eminent Writer– Rai Soni Group of Academics, Gyanpeetham Award– for best writing, Best Writer– Writers Guild, Trans Asian Chambers– Pillar of Hindustani Society, Nightingale– Tagore Academy, Sahitya Ratna- Star awards, News Paper Association Of India – best editor.

Serials produced by Vaidehi:
Chohti Si Baat Nanhon Ke Saath” – Aastha, ‘Health Flash” – Care TV, “Public Hain Sub Janti Hain” – SN TV , “Panchnama” – SONY, “Astro Medicine” – Care TV, “Science for Everyone” – Jigyasa, “Manthan” – Care TV.

Vaidehi Sachin’s Details:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vaidehisachin  &  http://www.facebook.com/cattechie

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/vaidehinbc & http://twitter.com/#!/cattechie

Website: www.afternoonvoice.com , www.hackers5.com, www.cattechie.blogspot.com


GeekTech Xclusive Interview


GT: What do you think about technology and R&D in India?
Vaidehi: India has some of the most brilliant brains and the entire world agrees to that. But the sad part is that we really don’t have much facility and infrastructure to provide to those who wanna work seriously in R&D and that’s the reason so many brilliant minds are working in European countries, US, UK, Australian
We seriously need to think about this issue and make an effort to stop this.

GT: What technologies are you most interested in?
Vaidehi: It’s something very hard to tell, technology in itself is such a big concept that it’s hard to say, there are a lot of things I m interested in like mobile technology, satellite communications, internet technologies the list is long and I am a big time gadget freak.

GT: Your favorite tech/gadget?
Vaidehi: My iphone, ipads, ipods,imacs my blackberry.

GT: What is your opinion about hackers?
Vaidehi: They are some of the most brilliant and innovative people on the planet, their existence is really needed in today’s time, what wikileaks, anonymous are doing is simply great and worth appreciating. There are odds in every field, and so some odds are even here in this community, but by and large they are skillful technical people.

GT: What is Hackers5? (www.hackers5.com)
Vaidehi: It’s a print magazine, and first such magazine which is funded, executed and published by hackers of India. It is basically a platform for young hackers and security enthuses to explore their writing abilities. This also a carrier for the hackers interested in infosec domain. Hacker5 provides them an opportunity to write share their skills and thoughts, there new experiments, findings with rest of the world and let the people at corporate level see these young talents, many of them are now the known faces, and this magazine gave them foot hold in It sector.

GT: Is Anonymous a menace to the country?
Vaidehi: No! not at all. Well! For me they are heroes. They are trying to bring a new revolution by trying their best to make this world a better place to live. They have created deter for those companies trying to impose their monopoly in the industry. Not only that they are even monitoring the corrupt activities and rigid practices of government and authorities of various countries by not letting them to encroach human rights and the freedom of common citizens. It is our duty and responsibility to support the mission of Anonymous, because they are fighting for the freedom of you and me. At least they are making some difference to common man’s life. Unfortunately some Indian hackers are misusing Anonymous cover and their name by defacing sites like Indian army. Anonymous never targeted an individual or a private firm, media house. They are the group with ethics and strong principles.

GT: What is your opinion about cyber-war? Do we have to be prepared?
Vaidehi: Cyber war is indeed a big threat for our country. We have already witnessed so many attacks on our government resources and IT infrastructure by the hackers from countries like China and Pakistan. No doubt China is far better than any other country as far as cyber security is concerned. They have already made their way to cyber space, they are powerful. And they are supported by their Government. In our country, we are yet to get social acceptance. Our Government is least bothered about cyber securities, they are still depend on their own resources, which are outdated and incapable enough.
Yes, but that does not mean we are not capable enough to handle the situation. We are very much capable of doing much better but the only problem is lack of awareness and support from Government. Korea, Africa and China like countries already declared their cyber army. It’s sad, even after so many incidences they have not learned lesson yet. Some of the biggest attacks like CBI and the NIC hack are more than enough for realizing the lack of security and lacuna.
Offense is the best defense.

GT: How can we improve cyber security and awareness about cyber crime in our Country?
Vaidehi: The only possible way is by educating the people and specially the students. The best way to reach them is through seminars and workshops. Its high time government should take initiatives by including this syllabus for regular students as study subject. Young students are the future of our country, and if we want to improve and secure the future of our country then we have to reach them and educate them at very basic level.

GT: Who is Vaidehi and who is Cattechie?
Vaidehi: Vaidehi is an investigative journalist, when imagination meets effort, lives change. Ideas abound, but hard work and determination take them to the level of success they deserve. Vaidehi has lived this mantra all her professional life. That’s how she steered her tiny Publication house News Makers Publications private LTD, and NBC Ltd, into becoming a globally-recognized 360 media organization. And other wise she is next door girl from a middle class south Indian family. Doing her masters in Law, she is basically fun loving person.
Cat-techie is pseudonym and aspiring little devil hacker. A researcher, and CEH but still she is noob and trying to study hackers, being like them in their own community. My research is on a very advance level. When I look back I really laugh because when entered here I used to look at things as they were told and presented to me. But now I became matured enough in info gathering, studying them. I Love hackers, I can say they are my passion now. So many times I thought of leaving this domain but I stayed back and now made solid foot hold here. Hackers misunderstand me and my conduct but I simply don’t give explanations because it’s not needed. Controversy has become my way of life, and that gives me boost to walk my way keeping high head. Love me or leave this is me. But the irony is that no one leaves me, they hate and still stick to me. Maybe that’s their way of expressing how important I am to them.

GT: Your words/suggestion for GeekTech viewers and GeekTech Team.
Vaidehi: Actually I got introduced to this site GeekTech, by extending its link on my cattechie blog. One day I just visited the site and now I am frequent visitor here. What I like the most about this site is its presentation. Very reader friendly site, sober and well designed. Albert Einstein says innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure”
There are very few such logical websites by geek techies are seen, yours is the best. Because the minds behind this concept are good think tanks and they know what exactly they want to serve their readers. If you have any plan to extent the content then introduces nice columns, reviews and experiences of seasoned techies. But one must visit this site to witness good work done by web developers and content writers. I wish you success.


[quote]On behalf of GeekTech Team and Viewers, I would like to Thank Vaidehi Sachin for spending her precious time for this Interview. We, GeekTech, would wish her and her team a very prosperous and brightful future.[/quote]

  • thanks a lot Geek Tech team and its readers, my special thanks to Abhijit Bangera who thought of giving me space here inspite of all odds.
    i wish you all success and bright future
    vaidehi/ cattechie

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  • Rahul

    Very well said..i too agree in your opinion regarding cyber-war, Chinese govt are encouraging hackers. Its time for even Indian Govt to do the same orelse we will be in big trouble in future!

  • Vernon

    Hacking is good to particular extent… but we see these days, many people take interest in their own and leading it to disaster of others in the name of fun… that’s sad… one should guide them in their intellect taking them to start a new gate way in/to technology…

  • very nice interview, cat techie we all love you and stay way from you to avoide the evil around you, they make us target. you have mentioned very well that controversy is way of your life, and i admire your courage to accept such challanges, we expect more such interviews here.

  • very nice interview Vaidehi, i became your fan when i read you at attrition.org, you are couragious, and the reply in your website http://www.cattechie.com was mind blowing,
    surprisingly you cleared exams to prove your self an ethicle hacker. i salute sauch journalists who dare to do different. you very well said about the controversy, yes i am sure you know how to deal unprofessional people around.’ keep this fire burning, down the line expect some revolution in Hackers domain too..
    bravo gal keeo going

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    Very well answered by dii…

  • Nilesh Nimone

    Very well answered by diiii…. hv a gr8 shining future u diii…