[box_dark]Biplove Sharma, India’s youngest patent holder who held a patent at the age of 16 and five more patents by the age of 20. Represented India in The International Mondialogo Engineering Awards in the year 2009, an environmentalist who’s innovative ideas are inspired by the Greener approach , a spiritual person and a devotee of “ISKCON” and holds it as the main reason behind his success. Was nicknamed “Mumbai’s Captain Planet” but Mid-Day. Established” Krisnela” in the year 2007, which is an initiative whose sole purpose is to prevent Global Warming. And also established “Krisnela Webstar” which is an emerging IT company.[/box_dark]


Krisnela PCD: Pollution Control Device , converts green house gases into hydrogen.

Krisnela SJ – 108: Generates electricity from trains.

Krisnela GreenZ : Grows plants vertically everywhere and anywhere possible without using soil.

Biplove Sharma’s Details:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/biplove.sharma

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Biplove_Sharma

Website: http://www.krisnela.com/



GT) What is Krisnela all about?      

Biplove: Krisnela is a series of innovative devices which hold the power of solving the problem of GLOBAL WARMING. Established in 2007, at a age of 16, today it is also a name for an emerging IT company , “Krisnela Webstar”.

Krisnela is a Sanskrit word which means “Krisnela Love Flowers or Krishna Offered Love with flowers” . I am practically a spiritual guy (not just sentiments) and a devotee of ISKCON which is the main reason for the success  of my projects.

GT) India’s youngest patent holder and 5 patents at the age of 20, how did you feel?

Biplove: I am honoured to be India’s youngest patent holder. It felt great, especially when I saw tears in my father’s eyes when I got awarded on stage. I think more than the national title, krisnela had given me a family title which means a lot more to me.

GT) What made you take a Greener approach in all your inventions?                                                               

Biplove: Well that’s a tough question. I had close affection towards nature but frankly I was unaware of hazards happening with her. The day I got to know about the hazards, a hidden feeling to help her  emerged , and drove me to go towards the green approach.

GT) Your first project while you were in XII, will you please tell our viewers about it?

Biplove: Oh nice question. I hope you don’t get bored by my long answer for this one .

At the age of 16, I was really ambitious as a person. Most of you would be happy to know that I was also average student like you all (most of) in academics. But I had that inner spark to do something in life. Something larger than life.

My friend circle in my early days was not very good. Due to my over ambitious ideas and approach, I was usually teased and kept away. There was a big fight one day, between me and my friends which ended up declaring me as a  “Psycho”. That very day I told them, “One day I would do something which, forget about doing, you would not even think of”.

One day I saw an article in newspaper and read about global warming for the first time. That moment I told myself “ Lets solve this problem” and then after vigorous effort of 3 months , I finally made it. Thereafter I never saw back.

GT)What are your views on upcoming technology?                                                                                                      

Biplove: Well, upcoming technologies which are made with GREEN THINKING are going to lead to a better life in the future. But the technologies which have just popped out of a Lab simply for the comfort of life, ignoring nature will definitely lead to demise of our stupid race.

GT) Will you please tell our viewers about your work in krisnela, what are its plans for future?              


Krisnela PCD: Pollution Control Device , converts green house gases into hydrogen.

Krisnela SJ – 108: Generates electricity from trains.

Krisnela GreenZ : Grows plants vertically everywhere and anywhere possible without using soil.

We have got couple of good clients and projects. Will soon expand in different parts of India and will make Krisnela a GREEN BRAND NAME.

GT) Which is your favorite Gadget?                                                                                       

Biplove: MAC PRO LAPPY, I love apple gadgets. They are a master piece.

GT)You keep your interest in sketching, what other hobbies do you have?                                                  

Biplove: Ummm .. singing , playing musical instruments, animation , giving seminars, motivating people, innovating and the list goes on .

GT) Few words from you for the Aspiring youth of this country.                                                                      

Biplove: Ahem Ahem …well let’s cut the bullshit and come to the point. If you consider yourself as “YOUTH” then you must have an answer of what have you done great with your YOUTH LIFE??

You are not happy with what you are , doubtful about what you want to be, believe more in what other  people say you are. It’s time you realize the real you.

It’s enough of listening ill words from all around the world. Don’t think that you are nothing, your “Unique”. You’re the only ONE. There is something special about you. And the day you realize this fact and enhance your speciality, that day will be the real beginning of your YOUTH.

GT) Who or What is your motivation in life?                                                                                                                           

Biplove: Well being really frank, I am really lucky that I could get in touch with the Indian Scriptures which gave me the real essence of life. Bhagwat Gita is the great source of knowledge and inspiration for me. Previously I use to think that it’s some boring and stupid mythological book with no sense in it. But when I came out of my false ego and tried to understand it, it made me something what I could never ever imagine to be, what “I AM TODAY”.

GT)The International Mondialogo Engineering Awards, what is it all about?                                              

Biplove: It was an award where in two participants from a developed country and developing country come together with a concept and present it to international audience at Stutgurt, Germany. I got a very good partner from Germany Marcus Lehman. We couldn’t win, but made it to top shortlists of the awards. It was a great Experience for learning.

GT) How do you think technical education could be improved in India?                                                          

Biplove: Technical education in India can only be improved if there is actually something TECHNICAL in it.

I am a college drop out. I left my engineering at 3rd year (not motivating anybody to do it ) just because I could see my future in it. NO practical knowledge makes a person a ROBOT. Whatever is there in manual of textbook, that he knows, else everything is a SYNTAX ERROR.

So the practical knowledge of application is the only thing which can improve education.

GT)Few words for GeekTech and its team..

Biplove: Well I see a great future for you guys. Keep it up. Thank you for giving a stupid guy like me to say some words on you page. I am obliged. Dream Big about GEEKTECH because you have to make it a big thing. Never give up, and just rock like always.

[box_dark]On behalf of GeekTech Team and Viewers, I would like to Thank Mr Biplove Sharmafor spending his precious time for this Interview. We, GeekTech, would like to wish him and his team a very prosperous and brightful future.[/box_dark]

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