Smartphones is one of the must want trending devices that every person needs. The more sophisticated it is, the better, in time to come smartphone will evolve into something that can only be imagined now. Smartphones from now on will start getting better and better in performance and will be able to do incredible tasks in various applications.

Some of the concept smartphone ideas that wish were real:

LG Paper Touch

LG Paper Touch geektech

LG Paper Touch geektech

LG Paper Touch is a paper touch ultra paper like slim smartphone. It is not only super thin but also can be folded like paper, when folded 4 times, as folded it serves a new purpose in different sizes and shapes. Each shape and size serves a different purpose and when fully unfolded it turns out to be a fully-functional tablet.

Philips Fluid phone

Philips Fluid phone geektech

Philips Fluid phone geektech

Imagine a phone that you dont have to carry in your pocket and you will always have it in your hand. Philips has designed a concept smartphone called ‘Fluid phone’, a flexible strip that curls up on your wrist and then straightens up to serve as a phone. The smartphone uses a high-resolution OLED display that can instantly wrap on your wrist like a high-tech accessory.

Blue Facebook phone

Blue Facebook phone geektech

The are many smartphone which are dedicated only to social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. This is a ‘Blue Facebook’ concept smartphone only dedicated to Facebook and Facebook addicts. The Phone has dedicated ‘notification button’, a messaging center button, ‘Like’ button on the front side to make users interact Facebook with ease.

Nokia HumanForm

Nokia HumanForm gektech

Nokia HumanForm geektech

Nokia has also created a concept phone called the HumanForm concept smartphone. The Smartphone is flexible and transparent which is a dream come true for many tech enthusiasts and also has the ability to recognize its user’s mood. The phone is designed to with stand any amount of impact including twisting and bending. The phones flexible concept come very handy for instance, twist the phone to browse and bend it to zoom.