LulzSec Arrested

Four LulzSec hackers plead guilty to the hacking of PSN and Sony Online accounts in 2011. They have hacked over 70 million accounts. They have been also charged for attacks on sites including the CIA and UK crime agencies.

The four hackers Jake Davis (20) aka Topiary, Mustafa Al-Bassam (18) aka T-Flow, Ryan Ackroyd (26) aka Kayla, and Ryan Cleary (21) are pleaded guilty. Ryan Cleary is also pleaded guilty to separate charges including hacking into US Air Force computers at the Pentagon, the BBC reports.


Ryan Ackroyd
Ryan Ackroyd, Image Credit – Reuters

The “hacktivist” group had got down Sony PSN in April 2011 for approximately 3 weeks, costing the company an estimated $171.1 million. The four LulzSec hackers will be sentenced next month.

Source: CNET