Remember Magic Carpet from Alladin Cartoons? May be the below image would refresh your memory

Researchers from Princeton University created a miniature magic carpet made of plastic that has taken flight. It means Magic Carpet has come to life!

The 10cm (4in) sheet of smart transparency is driven by “ripple power”; waves of electrical current driving thin pockets of air from front to rear underneath.

The prototype, described in Applied Physics Letters, moves at speeds of around a centimetre per second.

Noah Jafferis, the creator of this device, says he was inspired by a mathematical paper he read shortly after starting his PhD studies at Princeton.

The mechanism was done by attaching sensors to every part of the material so as to fine-tune its performance through a series of complex feedbacks.

“Without the ability to predict the exact way it would flex, we couldn’t feed in the right electrical currents to get the propulsion to work properly.”



Source: BBC