Farmville 2 coming at you folks. After the huge success of its prequel Farmville which is popular all over the world it would make a lot of sense for  Zynga to come up with a sequel. To my dear cave men out there , Farmville is one popular facebook game which lets you manage your own virtual farm, check out you apps and game request in you Facebook profile , i am sure you will find it there.

One thing new about Farmville 2 that you will notice is that it is in 3D graphics. Yes that is right folks, you will now get to admire you farm from all angles. Let me also the next big question in your mind, NO YOU CANNOT CARRY OVER YOUR ITEMS FROM FARMVILLE!! bummer right?. This is so as to create an incentive to make players buy virtual goods.

Although the investors are quite skeptical on this franchise , dude to fear of waning interest of the people. This skepticism did not come out of no where, because some analysts have shown that Facebook users have been shifting to mobile devices. Even though Zynga has provided them with mobile app versions of the these games. It hasn’t really caught on.

Cadir Lee, Zynga’s chief technology officer said

[box_dark]”One of the things that people will notice right away is that it’s our first 3D game,”

“All the buildings, crops and animals are shown in 3D. You can see them from multiple directions, they can rotate, you can see them more richly – so it provides a certain pop in the game itself.

“The game also has more social elements and a lot more crafting: the crops that you harvest are what you use in the game to make things which you then use to make other things, like on a natural farm.”[/box_dark]

If you go study the statistics of the Farmville, you will know that it had around 82 million users playing it atleast once a month in March 2010. Making it Zynga’s main money maker accounting up to 29% of its income. Now however the figure has decreased to 27.1 million users.

Source: BBC

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  • THANK YOU soo MUCH for posting this I was haivng soo many issues with bank overdrafts because of facebook, I was an idiot and gave them my information and forgot when it was going to be taken out and didn’t realize it was an automatic outta paypal I clicked the end Advert account too didn’t look like it did anything , my ad has run its course, didn’t do me much good though, but that’s not facebooks fault. I will check back in a few business days and see if its closed, in the mean time i canceled my agreement on paypal with facebook hopefully that will stop any further problems. I’m also taking my checking account and credit and debit cards off paypal and just request a check when i have money in there and use a prepaid cash money card when i need to put money on it. Anyways Thanks again for this If i haven’t found this i would have been lost and still crying ( I’m stressed lol)Alicia