When it comes to the tech world, each and every geek knows the name- Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’s death was an unfortunate tragedy which happen last year. During the launch of any Apple product we would see Jobs in his iconic “uniform”, which was a simple Black Turtle-neck sweatshirt, blue denims and sneaker.

Now in a recent Taiwanese commercial we could find a man who tries to fake Steve Jobs. The local comedian and celeb impersonator, Ah-Ken, was hired to play Jobs. The Fake Jobs was also sporting Angelic wings and a halo. The ad promoted Action Pad, an Android-based tablet device.



Chelsea Chen, a spokeswoman for Action Electronics is said to have made a statement saying –

“Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good. It’s just an impersonator, not Jobs,” she said. “We have no choice, but to use Android, we can’t use iOS,”

We are pretty sure Apple fans are not very happy to see this ad. You can see the youtube comments which says it all.

Source: tech2