On the up coming  f8 developer conference this week at San Francisco and online, Facebook plans to redesign the profile. Details of the redesign are not known and is still in development, sources familiar with Facebook’s plans say that redesign is “major” and will make Facebook profiles nexuses for consuming content.

Some of the known information about Facebook’s redesign.

-The redesigned profiles will be more “sticky,” says one source. One of the goals of the new profiles is to get users to stay on them for longer.

– Since Facebook is launching a media platform at f8, which will include music and video from partner sites will display the media content a user is watching or listening to on their profiles.

– The redesigned profiles are part of a larger push into social eCommerce. we’ve heard rumors that Facebook intends to give Facebook Credits more prominence and Facebook app store may be announced at f8.

– Facebook’s push into eCommerce may be related Project Spartan, an HTML5-based mobile platform rumored to be launching soon.

The Company is refusing to comment on the changes, will have to wait for the big announcements on Thursday at f8 Developers conference.

Source: CNN

  • I seriously feel this will be a totally new experience for users of Facebook. An Experience which will be more on emotional side, briefing friends and people around you “This is my life story”.
    New social apps will allow us to do things what we could not do earlier. Listen to music, watch movies, read news and lot more at one place only and that too a social platform. Great way of sharing just begun.