There has been an industry buzz going about for sometime now, as Tim Bajarin wirtes. There could be the possibility of a new big mobile OS to emerge. Which could beat the present mobiles OS  like the Android, iOS , BlackBerry etc. The rumour is that Facebook is planning to come up with their own smartphone device , planned to be produced by HTC. Although the company have denied such an agenda. We at Geektech remain skeptical.

The new Facebook OS is rumoured to be a HTML based phone, which requires the device to be connected for a rich experience unlike the Android and iOS devices on whom connectivity is not the top priority. Although at first glance one would feel tha an HTML phone would be just a hazzle. But if you ask any app user, you will find out the that an app performs best when wireless. So an HTML based OS can actually dish out a much more rich user experince since it is connected and stunning display . Imagine the gaming experience on the device  when it optimizes it self with nVIDIA’s GeForce Grid.

Although what we have said is all speculation, and  one cannot really predict the outcome is Facebook actually does go ahead with such a move.

Source: Stumble Upon (Tim Barjarin)


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