On Tuesday, facebook annouces a number of “improvements”, one that includes more than a dozen changes to profiles, status updates, locations and tags.Facebook will make every single one of its 750+ million users go through a tutorial about the updated privacy settings.

“Your profile should feel like your home on the web – you should never feel like stuff appears there that you don’t want, and you should never wonder who sees what’s there,” Facebook rep Chris Cox explained in an official blog post.

Major changes include:

  • Profile tag review – Previously, photos you were tagged in showed up immediately on your profile. Now you can choose to use this new tool to approve or reject any photo or post you are tagged in – before it’s visible to anyone else.
  • Greater profile control: Profile visibility controls now appear directly next to content when you edit your profile. For example, if you only want your close friends to see which music you like, you can change it directly from the profile editing page.
  • Content tag review – You now have the option to review, approve or reject a tag for photos and posts.
  • View profile as – Allows you to view your profile as it appears to others with a tool that is located on top of your profile.
  • Public updates: The “Everyone” option in status updates has been renamed “Public” for greater clarity.
  • Changing your mind after a post – Now you can change who is allowed to see any post after the fact. If you accidentally posted something to the wrong group, or changed your mind, you can adjust it with the inline control at any time.
  • No more lock icon: The lock icon under the Publisher Box has also been changed. It will now display the globe, friend or gear icon based on whether the update is public, for friends or custom.
  • Tag who you’re with – You can add tags of your friends or anyone else on Facebook. If you are ever tagged by a non-friend, it won’t appear on your profile unless you review and approve the post.
  • Tag locations – Add location to anything, regardless of what device you are using, or whether it is a status update, photo or Wall post.
  • No more GPS restriction: Users can now tag any location in a status update or photo, regardless of whether they’re actually nearby. This makes it possible tag a location for a photo album after the user has returned home.
  • Removing tags or content – This updated feature allows you to remove tags of content from your profile and delete the tag itself. You can also message the photo owner or tagger to request its removal.

The above-mentioned changes are slated to roll out over the next few days.


Source: blog.facebook