Facebook today announced a new feature called Support Dashboard. This initial testing of a feature that allows you to see what happens after you click “Report.”

The Support Dashboard is a portal designed to help you track the progress of the reports you make to Facebook. From your Support Dashboard, you can see if your report has been reviewed by Facebook employees who assess reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in dozens of languages.

This feature also alerts you when a decision has been made about a report. Once a report is addressed by Facebook’s User Operations team, you will receive a notification that your report has been reviewed or you can go directly to the Support Dashboard in your account settings.

In addition, the Support Dashboard gives people more of an understanding of why action was or was not taken. Because Facebook is a diverse community, it’s possible that things people post can be disagreeable or disturbing without meeting the criteria for being removed. If the content is not removed, the reporter also has the option to message, unfriend or block the person who posted the content. Under “Learn More,” next to the reports, people are directed to the section of our Community Standards that applies to their specific report.