Hackers/researchers who find and report security bugs on Facebook are been rewarded by custom branded “White Hat” debit cards that can be reloaded with funds each time the hacker discover new flaws. The researchers, who can make thousands of dollars for reporting just one security hole on the social-networking site, can use the card to make purchases, just like a credit card, or create a PIN and take money out of an ATM.

The bug bounty program was launched by Facebook in July. The minimum a researcher can make for reporting a bug that is $500, and there is no maximum. The most Facebook has paid out for one bug report is $5,000.

Charlie Miller, a researcher at Accuvant, has received a White Hat card and he tweeted:

“Facebook whitehat card not as prestigious as the SVC card, but very cool 😉 Fun way to implement no more free bugs,”

Facebook is offering huge opportunity to young and also experience hacker to earn some cash with there knowledge. There are many researchers who have been paid by Facebook so far, you could be next!

Source: cnet