Facebook has introduced a new feature which allows business pages to receive private messages from their fans. This new feature bridges the gap between the business and the customers. The interaction with the customers would increase drastically.

Facebook page owners will receive notifications under their admin menu. However pages cannot initiate private conversations with their fans or others unless the user initiates a comment or posted a message on the page.

There is a possibility of spammers filling the inbox with unwanted messages. And also more private messages may lead to less public comments, which could curtail this growth somewhat.

The new facebook feature is available to facebook page admins in Asia and will be available to all in a matter of time.

Could this be facebook’s new strategy to tackle Google+ business page? We leave it up to you to decide.

Source: ineedhits

  • Scott

    Great article and I’m glad people will be able to private message my fan page.

    Do you know if there is or will be a way for me to send a message to all of my fans? Before the Facebook changes I was having as many as 1,000 fans seeing my posts, and now it shows that usually less than 200 are seeing it. If I post and tell them to join my email list for updates or to change their Facebook settings, it’s useless because I want to target all those people who are NOT seeing it.

    Wondering if you have any suggestions?

  • Vantage Point Media

    Great article and awesome news. I beleive this is a very good step in the right direction for businesses from facebook. One thing for sure is businesses need to be able to be contacted by thier clients and customers. Im a business owner and this has great benefits for those businesses that want to look at Facebook. Thanks for the share.