Facebook security has been a great concern to both the users and the facebook employees. To add an extra edge to its security, facebook has announced its new security feature, Trusted Friends.

So what exactly is trusted friends? As the name suggests, you can get back your hacked facebook account with the help of your friends. The new security feature will allow you to pick five facebook friends you trust. If your account is hacked you can get it back with the help of code which will be provided to your selected five friends. Contact them and collect the codes, that’s it!
Facebook also announced app-specific passwords for when you log into third-party apps with your Facebook account.

Source: time , facebook

  • kunal ahlawat

    through this feature fb user easly got hack by some 1

    suppose my enemy make a fake fb acc and he started social engg.. with me and he able to make my trusted frd then ? through that code he will hack me mission complete….

    so whats next ?

    and sorry for bad english