Ecco is a concept car, designed primarily for a wacky ultramodern camper for tech-horny hippies.New car designers are trying to make cars compact and eco friendly. Ecco is such a step in making cars eco friendly. Resembling either a gigantic Brancusi or a sperm, Ecco’s silhouette cuts back on wind resistance with its elongated profile making the entire thing soar close to the ground. A PV cell-studded membrane cover folds out similar to an accordion, sucking up more solar power while Ecco is parked in lurve machine mode. Another characteristic feature of the membrane roof is that it as well repeats the role of a camper pop-top, thereby expanding to house a sleeping loft. Its interior has been graced with a beautiful living area, a kitchen, and a toilet. Ecco is certainly an exercise in perfect design fantasy.The design of this car is quite unique and looks like a car from some sci-fi movie.

Image credits: conceptmobiles